Judo at the Pan-Pacific Festival

SATURDAY, JUNE 8 at 10:30am
Leeward Judo Club and Pearl City Ken-Shin Judo Club will be showcasing their Judo talents at Ala Moana Center Stage. Be there to cheer on the kids!

SUNDAY, JUNE 9 at 4:00pm.
The following day, 50th State Judo Association will be marching in the Pan-Pacific Parade from Fort Debussy to Kapiolani Park. Go and show your support!

2025 Summer Judo Nationals

Dates: July 19-20, 2025
Location: Hawai'i Convention Center
Host: 50th State Judo Association 

NEXT Tournament: August 4, 2024

The next tournament will be held at the Salt Lake District Park Gymnasium. Go to the “Events” page and search for tournament name. Once registration is open,  it will read "SmoothComp Link" or "Entry Form" to the right of the tournament title. Click on the link to register.

50th State Judo Association "Our Ohana"

The 50th State Judo Association (50th SJA) hosts tournaments for all ages and abilities. They also sponsor local clinics, seminars and other programs to aid in the development of officiating, instructing, and other technical aspect of Judo. The 50th SJA also provides an invaluable service to individual club owners by offering support a the local level, while also giving every club a presence and voice in the National office.

The 50th SJA is a proud affiliate of the United States Judo Federation (USJF). With over 2000 registered members, we are the largest of the 32 regional organizations the USJF oversees. The federation was founded in 1952 and is the oldest and most reputable organization in the United States. It has the most stringent ranking system in Judo and their certified instructors are highly regarded in the country and throughout the world.

The USJF is a non-profit organization that provides national standards and guidelines for the development of Judo. The USJF has an Executive Committee of elected officials who handle the organization and administration of the USJF. The national office is located in Ontario, Oregon and is currently managed by the Executive Director, Robert Fukuda. 


Please use this checklist when submitting your black belt promotion on USJF Form 20 to the Promotion Committee.

Incomplete or incorrect forms will be returned.

Promotion Checklist

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