Kazoku Invitational Tournament and Technical Exam

Congratulations to the winners of the Nagekomi Challenge! Contestants tested how many times they could complete their favorite throw in one minute. Both winners were 2 brothers from Pearl City Hongwanji Judo Club!

 1st place Jaylen Yasay: 30 throws!
2nd place Jayden Yasay: 27 throws!

442nd Veteran Memorial Tournament

The annual “Go for Broke” Award is presented by Aiea Hongwanji Judo Club to the competitors with the most Ippon wins and no losses. The 2022 recipients were Connor Badua from Leeward Judo Club, and Logan Puahala representing Hawaii Kaikaku Judo Club. Congratulations to the two mighty warriors for their performance and dedication to Judo!

Dr. Lloyd Migita

Lloyd Migita, a judo red and white belt

Congratulations Dr. Lloyd Migita!

2021 US Judo Hall of Fame Inductee

Dr. Lloyd K. Migita started Judo in 1946 at the age of 7. At 16, he won the Territorial-wide Senior Judo Tournament. He received his Shodan at age 17 and became the assistant instructor at Shobukan Judo Club. He won a silver medal in the 1963 Senior National AAU Judo Tournament and placed second at the United States Judo Olympic Trials at the New York World’s Fair in 1964. At age 24, he was given his Yodan.

Dr. Migita has taught as a guest instructor at various dojos including an Air Force Base near the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1962); University of California at Davis Judo Club (1967-69); and Woodland YMCA Judo Club in Woodland, California (1967–69).

He held positions in the Judo Black Belt Association of Hawaii as a member of the Board of Directors, Review Committee and Insurance Committee. He has also been the JBBAH coach for several Hawaii teams participating in national competitions, the JBBAH trainer for the special senior training program, and a special lecturer for judo instructors and officials at the University of Hawaii in 1983.

We celebrate Dr. Migita’s 74 years of devotion to judo, and sincerely thank him for his contribution to the study and development of judo.

Aoki Sensei

Albert M. Aoki, 89 years old, of Honolulu, Hawaii, passed away on April 21, 2021. Born in
Hilo, Hawaii, to Tamotsu and Mitsuko Aoki. A Korean War veteran, Albert graduated from Iowa State
University. Upon his return, he worked alongside his father Tamotsu and uncle Moto Aoki at American
Savings Loan in Hilo. He ventured in Real-estate, and was a developer of Commercial & Agricultural
properties and then became an International Business Consultant in Land development.

Throughout his life, Albert was an outdoorsman. He attributed his love of outdoors from his
confinement during WWII in the concentration camps along with his parents and siblings. He was an
avid fisherman, hunter, and for over a decade, a top contender in G class Hydroplane speed boat races at
Keehi Lagoon.

His two greatest passions: judo and ranching, encompassed his life. He founded Seidokan Judo Club and
later, 50th State Judo Association, the largest membership in the nation. Aoki-Sensei held rank of
Kyudan 9th and was also the recipient of the Emperor of Japan’s “The Order of the Rising Sun Gold and
Silver Rays” for his exemplary service and dedication as an American-Japanese, who built healthy
connections between Japan and United States. His love of ranching took him all around the world;
Hawaii, Japan, China, Canada, South America, Vietnam, Guam and Australia.

Albert is survived by two sisters (and spouses); his two children (and spouses); three grandchildren;
and one great grandchild.

Congratulations Professor Robert Brink

Congratulations on your being accepted into the 2020 Class of the USJF Hall of Fame.  Your contributions have been acknowledged at the highest level.  Thank you for all you have contributed to Judo.

Official Camp Shirts

2020 Hawaii International Judo Camp tees will be on sale at clinics starting January 3.

Shirts are $20 each. Cash only please. We will not be set up to accept credit cards at the events.

Classic “Shaka” blended with a distinctive Judogi pattern. If you know, you know.
Quantities are very limited for this exclusive run. You’re gonna want this! 

Tournament Activities

Our recent tournaments has been full of activities.

At our last tournament honoring the 442nd Veterans, 3 outstanding judokas we chosen for the most Ippons. Kalei Yasumura from Mililani Hongwanji Judo Club for the girls. Two boys tied for most out standing, Rey Brown from Aiea Hongwanji Judo Club and Seamus Herrington from Kazoku Judo Academy Judo Club. Each won a certificate with the 442nd logo patch, a judo gi donated by Trelco & Grapplers Closet and a huge trophy with the 442nd honoree’s names. 

Half time activities consisted of “Question & Answers” game by the host club, Aiea Hongwanji Judo Club. Students won back packets and draw string warrior bags.

We also had a 5-man “Tug of War”. The Grand Champion was Kazoku Judo Academy. The youth division champion was won by Precision Grappling. The winners received huge bags of Halloween treats and Judo animal key chains. The Grand Champions won the Winner Belt. It was so exciting seeing the crowd cheering on their favorite team. 

November’s tournament will have the “Question & Answers” game with prizes. We will also have guests from our sister city, Ehime, Japan. They will be demonstrating Kata for the audience. Their students will be competing in this event. After the tournament we will be hosting a Shinjiro Sasaki Clinic. He will be sharing very useful techniques that are easy to apply. He is highly recommended by other instructors. He has achieved much greatness in his competitive years. 

“Tug of War” Grand Champions
Kazoku Judo Academy

“Tug of War” Youth Division Champions
Precision Grappling 

Female Outstanding Judoka for the most Ippons
Kalei Yasumura – Mililani Judo Club

Male Most Outstanding Judoka for the most Ippons
TIE: Rey Brown – Aiea Hongwanji / Seamus Herrington – Kozoku Judo Academy

June 13-16 Summer Training Camp

Learn from two outstanding instructors who have a unique ability to teach students of all ages and proficiency levels. Both of these sensei are graduates of Tokai University and hold judo workshops around the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best!

Go to “Events” page to download entry packet.