Newtown Shinseikan Judo Club, Inc.

Club History

Newtown Shinseikan Judo Club Inc. a Non-Profit organization was founded in 1977.  Located at the magestic Newtown Estates Recreation Center, it is dedicated in promoting and perpetuating the art of Kodokan Judo in the State of Hawaii.  "Judo" which means "The Gentle Way", "The Way of Life" will become and important part of your child's life.  Judo was brought to the State of Hawaii in the early 1900's and the founder of Judo Professor Jigoro Kano being a small individual in stature stressed "Maximum efficiency with Minimum effort!"

The translation "Shin-sei-kan" means "pure-correct-club" correlates into this organizations primary mission in teaching quality Kodokan Judo.  The instructors stress both the physical and philosophical aspects of Judo.  It is the aim to cultivate confidence in our judokas, and to instill in them honesty, compassion, humility, respect, responsibility, and perseverance.  Only by this kind of development can a young judoka become a true “champion”.  We feel that in this way, we will help our young judoka prepare for life. 

Students entering Newtown Shinseikan will begin with basic dojo etiquette (bowing, sitting, care of judo gi), before progressing to ukemi (tumbling/falling).  Only after the student becomes proficient in ukemi, he/she will be taught various throwing and grappling techniques.

Belt promotions are afforded twice per year.  While demonstrating good Judo technique is a criteria for promotion, academic grades and behavior at home and in the community are equally as important when being considered for promotion. It is the philosophy of Newtown Shinseikan that becoming a good citizen is one of the main goals in learning Judo.


The purpose for which Newtown Shinseikan Judo Club was formed is to foster the health and well being of its members and of the community.  This includes such activities as: 
Making available and teaching the philosophy, concepts, and the art of judo to the club members and interested persons in the community.
Conducting and maintaining a program of activities designed to advance and promote the art of judo.
Conducting and maintaining a program of activities providing club members opportunities to pursue self-improvement in pursuit of judo.

Club Address

Newtown Estates Community Association Recreation Center
98-456 Kaahela St.
Aiea, HI  96701

Practice Times

Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm.
Monthly dues are $10 for Newtown residents and $15 for non-Newtown residents.  Family discounts are also available.

Contact Info

Contact Person: Max Otani


Parent Support Group
President  -  Neal Okimoto
Vice President  -  Margret Nakamoto
Secretary  -  Donna Hopoi
Treasurer  -  Susan Kubo


Chief Instructor - Clifford Okuhara (5 Dan)

Head Instructor - Max Otani (4 Dan)

Assistant Head Instructor - Wayne Fukumoto (5 Dan) 

Assistant Instructors
Jessie Apao (1 Dan)
Eric Kamimura (1 Dan)
Jeremy Otani (1 Dan)
Duane Fukumoto (1 Dan)
Scott Atta (1 Dan)