Kazoku Invitational Tournament and Technical Exam

Congratulations to the winners of the Nagekomi Challenge! Contestants tested how many times they could complete their favorite throw in one minute. Both winners were 2 brothers from Pearl City Hongwanji Judo Club!  1st place Jaylen Yasay: 30 throws!2nd place Jayden Yasay: 27 throws!

442nd Veteran Memorial Tournament

The annual “Go for Broke” Award is presented by Aiea Hongwanji Judo Club to the competitors with the most Ippon wins and no losses. The 2022 recipients were Connor Badua from Leeward Judo Club, and Logan Puahala representing Hawaii Kaikaku Judo Club. Congratulations to the two mighty warriors for their performance and dedication to Judo!

Dr. Lloyd Migita

Lloyd Migita, a judo red and white belt

Congratulations Dr. Lloyd Migita! 2021 US Judo Hall of Fame Inductee Dr. Lloyd K. Migita started Judo in 1946 at the age of 7. At 16, he won the Territorial-wide Senior Judo Tournament. He received his Shodan at age 17 and became the assistant instructor at Shobukan Judo Club. He won a silver medal in the 1963 Senior National AAU …