Tournament Activities

Our recent tournaments has been full of activities.

At our last tournament honoring the 442nd Veterans, 3 outstanding judokas we chosen for the most Ippons. Kalei Yasumura from Mililani Hongwanji Judo Club for the girls. Two boys tied for most out standing, Rey Brown from Aiea Hongwanji Judo Club and Seamus Herrington from Kazoku Judo Academy Judo Club. Each won a certificate with the 442nd logo patch, a judo gi donated by Trelco & Grapplers Closet and a huge trophy with the 442nd honoree’s names. 

Half time activities consisted of “Question & Answers” game by the host club, Aiea Hongwanji Judo Club. Students won back packets and draw string warrior bags.

We also had a 5-man “Tug of War”. The Grand Champion was Kazoku Judo Academy. The youth division champion was won by Precision Grappling. The winners received huge bags of Halloween treats and Judo animal key chains. The Grand Champions won the Winner Belt. It was so exciting seeing the crowd cheering on their favorite team. 

November’s tournament will have the “Question & Answers” game with prizes. We will also have guests from our sister city, Ehime, Japan. They will be demonstrating Kata for the audience. Their students will be competing in this event. After the tournament we will be hosting a Shinjiro Sasaki Clinic. He will be sharing very useful techniques that are easy to apply. He is highly recommended by other instructors. He has achieved much greatness in his competitive years. 

“Tug of War” Grand Champions
Kazoku Judo Academy

“Tug of War” Youth Division Champions
Precision Grappling 

Female Outstanding Judoka for the most Ippons
Kalei Yasumura – Mililani Judo Club

Male Most Outstanding Judoka for the most Ippons
TIE: Rey Brown – Aiea Hongwanji / Seamus Herrington – Kozoku Judo Academy

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